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Workers Comp

Workers Compensation Lawyers Serving South Jersey

If a worker fails to file a claim petition for benefits, the availability of compensation may be precluded by the Statute of Limitations, which is two years from the diagnosis. Our office continues to provide legal services for workers injured in the course of their employment in New Jersey. We have upgraded our computers and software programs to safely intake new clients without the need for them to come to our office.

New Jersey Compensation Courts are operating via Zoom teleconference hearings. We are participating in Court activities throughout the Southern New Jersey Counties. Our office location is fully staffed. We are accessible by phone, email, fax, USPS, and teleconference technology.

People working remotely from their homes should file claims for workers compensation benefits if they are injured during the course of their employment, regardless of their location. This could include any injury that would occur in an office environment, such as trip and fall, lumbar injuries from lifting packages or supplies, cervical and hand injuries from prolonged computer use, injuries from setting up or moving home computer equipment used for work, falling out of desk chairs, moving home office furniture used for work, even motor vehicle accidents occurring while employees are engaged in activities for the benefit of their employer, like going to the bank, store, customer meetings, dropping off or picking up employer supplies or equipment used in the employer’s business.

Do I Qualify for Workers Compensation?

The Law Offices of Doner & Castro, P.C. assists injured workers with instances where workers compensation benefits have been stopped following a clearance to return to work—even though the worker may still have injuries that prevent them from performing the type of work required. For example, the insurance provider may authorize light-duty work for someone coming back from an injury.

Workers Compensation Laws in New Jersey

Workers compensation laws vary from state to state. In New Jersey, the laws cover injury to employed workers, including construction workers, delivery workers, office workers, salespeople, nurses, doctors, and teachers as well as their aides. Workers compensation laws may also provide benefits to certain survivors if a job-related injury or illness results in the death of the worker.

Experienced Legal Representation

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Doner & Castro, P.C. have been representing injured workers since 1986. We know what benefits an injured worker is entitled to, as well as how to obtain those benefits for that worker. All claims are handled on a contingent fee basis, which means that the injured worker does not have to pay a legal fee until the case is settled and the court has approved the settlement.


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