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Kevin D. Castro, Esq.

Kevin D. Castro, Esq., is a graduate of the University of Maryland and the Rutgers University School of Law. He is admitted to the State Bars of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. He is admitted to the Federal Districts of New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. His areas of law practice consist of plaintiff’s personal injury representation, defense of motor vehicle traffic violations, workers’ compensation claims, collection of business receivables and family court matters. Mr. Castro has served as a Municipal Court Prosecutor in the town of Woodlynne, NJ. He is married with one child. He is a South Jersey native, a graduate of Cherry Hill High School East. He is an alumnus of the Sigma Alpha Rho fraternity, Beta Tau chapter. Mr. Castro has served as chairman for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Golf Tournament since its inception in 1989.

Legal Practice Areas

  • Medical Malpractice
  • Automobile Accidents and Injuries
  • Collection of Business Receivables
  • Family Law
South Jersey

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As you drive along the highways and roads of New Jersey, your mind is probably focused on your destination, your plans for the day, or the traffic around you. You notice things that fly past your line of vision– billboards, signs, landmarks. You note them, but pay little attention.
Then one day you are in a hospital bed recovering from a construction site accident or a car crash. Maybe you have received a speeding ticket driving along route 73. You know you need a lawyer but don’t know who to choose. You then remember seeing a blue and white sign with legal scales somewhere on the roads when you’ve been driving and the name Doner & Castro comes to mind. Over 30 Years of Personal Injury Experience
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Everybody loves receiving items, whether it be pens, coffee cups, magnets, bumper stickers or sound legal advice, especially when it is free. Typically, an hour of sound legal advice may cost someone from $100.00 to $300.00. Many law firms, in an effort to make legal advice easily available to the general public, offer absolutely free initial consultations. Unfortunately, many people who are in need of timely legal advice are under the mistaken impression that they cannot afford to meet with an attorney. Many new clients are surprised to learn that not only is the initial consultation free, but depending on the type of legal matter, an attorney may be willing to represent the individual with no initial legal fees…
Do I Really Need an Attorney?
When an attorney is meeting with a new client, they are usually presented with a set of facts unique to that person’s legal matter. A common question asked during the consultation is “Do I need an attorney to handle this matter?” While it is not mandatory to have legal representation, it may be necessary. The simple answer to this question is any individual who is a party to a lawsuit may represent themselves.