Personal Injury

Personal Injury Attorneys In South Jersey

Accidents and resulting injuries have proven to be a potential risk for all parties, regardless of intention or the safety measures taken. When they do occur, the results can be physically and emotionally draining as well as stressful.

At the Law Offices of Doner & Castro, P.C., we possess over 38 years of experience offering legal assistance in multiple fields, including workers’ compensation, personal injury, and municipal court proceedings. If you’ve experienced problems with any of these issues, Henry Doner and Kevin Castro can help guide you through the legal process.

How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help?

The injury attorneys at Doner & Castro understand your frustration. We want to help you navigate the legal ramifications of your personal injury case. You may not think your soft-tissue injury is serious enough to warrant legal action; however, many such diagnoses develop into long-term or chronic conditions. You may need an injury lawyer who provides comprehensive knowledge of personal injury law to assist you.

Types of Common Personal Injuries

If you think about it, you are on the road quite frequently on a daily basis, whether you are commuting to work, vacationing, or just out to run a few errands. As careful as you are in avoiding auto accidents, you may not always anticipate the unpredictable behavior of other drivers around you. We can provide the support you need for injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents involving cars, trucks, pedestrians, bicycles, and motorcycles.

A Sampling of Some Past Client Settlements:

  • $12,000,000.00  –  Structure Settlement
  • $2,300,000.00   –  Injury Settlement
  • $1,250,000.00  –  Injury Settlement
  • $1,050,000.00  –  Structure Settlement
  • $890,000.00   –  Injury Settlement
  • $550,000.00  –  Injury Settlement
  • $450,000.00  –  Injury Settlement
  • $410,00.00  –  Injury Settlement
  • $2,950,000.00 – Injury Settlement